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Personal and Emotional Healing

The process is - opening the issue - getting to the root cause, healing it and dressing it up so that it does not hinder any more.In this, we look at healing a person emotionally, mentally. We can look at the root emotional cause of any physical pain too.

There are many areas of our life that need healing, then it may be relationships - with self or others, our own fears, our self-image. Fear, anger, non-being acceptant to our being, forgiveness, and not being able to really truly see our issues and behavior without judgment lead to many emotional and mental blocks that can lead to depression, anger bouts, feeling of being lost, unhealthy relationships, repeated patterns of life, abusive patterns etc.

We try to uncover areas through spiritual intervention and heal them so that people experience spiritual and emotional freedom, calm, courage and a sense of purpose.

These sessions are usually done and mixing multiple modalities, like Hypnotherapy where we are touching the reprogramming the mind and body and giving suggestions to release old blocks and be open to healing or introduce a new strain of thought or habit.

We also use emotional freedom techniques to aid us in the process of healing.While we are doing this, energy healing is happening and we increase the intensity by integrating meditation, guided white light healing.

Work shops and Spritual counselling we offer

Group therapy
Chakra healing
Emotional release

Life decision making with Spiritual Tarot

In today's world we want everything at our fingertips! We have always wanted guidance for ourself and others in our life! Everyone needs guidance and wants to know what will happen in future so they can plan and be prepared. Tarot is a form of guidance and prediction! It helps us understand the current situations through the CARDS - and its images on life - it helps us become intuitive and make sense of why and what is happening in our life!

TAROT does JUST that!

Stuck in a difficult situation in life?
Need quick guidance on what you should do next in relationships, in career, health, need to make a decision or any other questions about daily life?
Get guidelines for yourself in the current situation of life!
Our spiritual coaches have over 2 decades of expertise and who have helped thousands of people across the globe with their advice and guidance to live a better life.

Tarot reading & Karmic cleansing

1 hour - unlimited questions that will be answered and guidance will be given from a daily and a spiritual growth.
30 mins session too - 3 question only.


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